Kathleen Fisher

Kathleen Fisher is an adjunct Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Tufts University. She is currently serving as Deputy Director of the Information Innovation Office at DARPA. She served as chair of the Tufts Department of Computer Science from 2016-2021. Previously, she was a Program Manager at DARPA, where she started and managed the HACMS and PPAML programs, and a Principal Member of the Technical Staff at AT&T Labs Research. She received her PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University. Kathleen’s research focuses on advancing the theory and practice of programming languages. The main thrust of her work is in domain-specific languages to facilitate programming with large amounts of data in a principled and secure fashion. Kathleen is an ACM Fellow and a Hertz Foundation Fellow.

Service to the community has been a hallmark of Kathleen’s career. She has served as Chair of DARPA’s ISAT Study Group, Chair of the ACM Special Interest Group in Programming Languages (SIGPLAN), editor of the Journal of Functional Programming, associated editor of TOPLAS, and program chair for three of SIGPLAN’s marquee technical conferences, including PLDI, OOPSLA, and ICFP. She was general chair for ICFP 2015. Kathleen has worked throughout her career to increase diversity and inclusion in Computer Science: she served as Co-Chair of CRA’s Committee on the Status of Women (CRA-WP), and she co-founded SIGPLAN’s Programming Language Mentoring Workshop (PLMW) Series. Kathleen is a recipient of SIGPLAN’s Distinguished Service Award.

Kathleen is a member of the Board of Trustees of Harvey Mudd College.

Kathleen’s CV is available.

Graduated Post Docs

Ferdinand Veseley

Assistant Teaching Professor at Northeastern

PhD Students

Sam Lasser,

graduated 2022

Matthew Ahrens,

graduated 2022

Graduated Masters Students with Thesis

Ethan Pailes
Software Engineer at Opendoor
Thesis: Skip Regex: Parsing without Deciding

Pascal-Louis Perez
Senior Staff Engineer at Google
Thesis: Type Inference in Presence of Positive Subtyping with Bounded Quantification

Graduated Undergraduate Students with Thesis

Derek Egolf
Now a PhD student at Northeastern
Thesis: Verbatim: A Verified Lexer Generator
Award: honorable mention for CRA’s Undergraduate Research Award for 2021.

Lauren Label
Associate at EY-Parthenon Software Strategy Group
Thesis: Automatic Discovery and Synthesis of Checksum Algorithms from Binary Data Samples
Award: honorable mention for CRA’s Undergraduate Research Award for 2021.

Marilyn Sun
Software Engineer at Microsoft
Thesis: Autobahn 2.0: Minimizing bangs while maintaining performance
Award: honorable mention for CRA’s Undergraduate Research Award for 2019.

Remy Wang
Now a PhD student at University of Washington
Award: finalist in the CRA Undergraduate Research Awards for 2017.

Siddhartha Prasad
Now a PhD student at Brown University
Thesis: sidBison: A Stepwise Interactive Debugger for Bison